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About Us

We are betting on you! 

Most web development shops will charge you an hourly rate or fixed price if you are lucky. And you will begin making those payments before you are even in business.

At incentive development, we are literally betting on you. Our clients generally compensate us with equity in their businesses or via some other incentive program. Of course, we will work for traditional compensation.

We find that the best results are achieved when our incentives are jointly aligned in the success of your business.

Our Services 

Simply developed, simply delivered.

We believe that websites should be simple and that complex schemes (animations, extensive colors, interactions, etc.) are distractions for the story that your company is trying to tell. Take a look at Google, Yahoo, and other success stories and you will agree that simplicity wins.

With this in mind, we develop client websites that:
  • are clean looking and fast loading
  • use colors, images, and layering to provide depth
  • accentuate and extend company messaging
Our website development process traditionally include:
  1. domain name selection and trademark review
  2. wireframe design with options for "look and feel"
  3. site creation and content loading
  4. search engine registration (including meta tag development)
  5. company email at your domain name
  6. ongoing retainer
    • web hosting
    • content updates
    • website traffic reporting
    • link testing
    • related consulting support
Your website can be up and running in a few short days.

Our Clients

Be sure to take a look at these client websites:

Not-for-profit volunteer organization                

Online marketing research corporation

Landscaping business

Brand development consulting

Biotechnology startup

Homeowner's association

Recently published book

Propane delivery service

Handyman service

Contact Us 


Provide a brief description of your business and what you are trying to accomplish with a website. Be sure to provide a preferred method for our return contact (email, phone, etc.) and the best time to reach you.

We look forward to working with you.

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